" " di-BTRIM: Latest scientific research reveals body's natural healing system.

Latest scientific research reveals body's natural healing system.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

For many years now, Adult Stem Cell treatments have been successfully effective in treating leukemia and related bone/blood cancers through bone marrow transplants but it wasn't until very recently that scientists began to see the real potential Adult Stem Cells had to heal diverse diseases and to aid patients recuperating from injuries.

Much of the excitement being generated about this potential stems from recent findings that adult stem cells are present in many more tissues than they once thought possible. Evidence suggests ASC's exist in the brain, heart, bone marrow, peripheral blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin, teeth, gut, liver, ovarian epithelium and testis.

An exciting possible application of this would be in the area of transplantation-based therapies, just like the bone marrow transplants used in leukemia treatments. Furthermore,  recent studies have concluded that when a tissue or organ is damaged, diseased or otherwise stressed, it sends out a SOS which travels through the bloodstream to the bone marrow, the Adult Stem Cell Factory. The bone marrow then releases ASC's, which are nothing less than the body's own natural healer, which travel back to the needy tissue or organ where they morph into healthy cells of that specific organ or tissue, thus healing the body.

The importance of this is obvious, if one could help the body generate more Adult Stem Cells, then the body would be much better equipped to overcome disease and injury. This is particularly important in this day and age where people live more than demanding lives without looking after themselves properly.

The medical team who have produced di-BTRIM have realized this and have spent the last 15 years researching various herbs in order to come up with the most effective generator of Adult Stem Cells. Now, having perfected the composition of di-BTRIM, the medical team have seen amazing results in treating patients with gangrene associated with diabetes, lowering high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Further benefits include a turning back of time, with patients reporting that their now white hair has turned back to grey with new growth of their natural black hair beginning to grow.

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