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di-BTRIM: natures miracle healing power in a capsule.

1. Besides diabetes, what is Di-BTRIM good for?
Di-BTRIM is specifically formulated to treat diabetes and hypertension and to a lesser degree cholesterol, but users will feel an improvement in their general well-being. Also, diseases associated with aging, like skin problems, arthritis, vision loss etc, will show some improvement.

2. What is the best time to take Di-BTRIM?
The best practice is to space it between the intake of your regular medication.

3. “I felt giddy, like I was floating, a few days after I began taking Di-BTRIM. Why?

Because of a drop in blood sugar levels, you experience this floating feeling, similar to hypoglycemia. It's now time to start reducing insulin intake, allowing the body to gradually adjust to the new insulin production. (Please note that any change in your medication should be done in consultation with your physician.)

Steps normally taken to reduce hypoglycemia, like the intake of sugar etc is encouraged at this stage

if there is a sudden blurring of vision or you experience a floating sensation.

Most people who suffer with diabetes also suffer from general hypertension. Therefore, it is important to continuously monitor blood pressure as well as blood sugar level. As your blood pressure normalizes, the body will need time to adjust and the user might experience headaches, or giddiness. Slowly reduce your hypertension medication. Exercise is of great help! But please keep in mind that if you are just beginning to exercise, that you should take it easy at first until you get fitter.

4. Is there a way to mitigate this?
Reduce the intake of Di-BTRIM so that its effect can be more gradual. Drink plenty of water.

5. Why am I coughing up a lot of phlegm?
This is a temporary effect. Di-BTRIM is helping the body clean itself. If your lungs are dirty, especially smokers, you can expect your body to dispel the mucus, starting from black, to brown, green and finally white. Don't be alarmed, let the body clean itself.

6. What other symptoms might I experienced?
You might have an outbreak of acne(even if you are 60 years old), as the body gets rid of toxins. You might also experience a tingling sensation to the skin or other body parts and you may experience heightened joint pains. The reason for this is that nerve cells, which may have been numbed by the previous use of painkillers or other acidic medications, are being regenerated by the body. These discomforts are temporary and will go away.

7. Blood tests show an increase in my sugar level but I am feeling good. Why?
When there is too much sugar in ones system for the body to cope with, it stores it away as fat in other places where it can not do damage. Initially, taking Di-BTRIM will cause the body to dispel toxins after which the body will try get rid of that stored away sugar. That is why you will see a higher level of sugar in the blood or urine. At the same time though you will feel more energized and alert, a sure sign that your body is healing itself.

8. Since taking Di-BTRIM, I tend to feel hot and warm. Should I be worried?
No, most people who suffer from a chronic disease tend to have lower metabolic rates and so if they would have to measure their temperatures they would find them to be slightly lower than the norm. This hampers the cell metabolism and causes toxins to accumulate in the body. When Di-BTRIM is taken, cell metabolism is boosted, aiding the body to clean itself and blood flow in general improves. These result in the user feeling hotter than they are used to. Users are encourages to sip water continuously to offset this.

9. I suddenly developed high fevers with chills and as quickly as they appeared they disappeared. How come?
When your body developed those fevers it was fighting viruses and other toxins. Though a tongue reading might show you to have a temperature of 39 degrees celsius, your body heat on the bone is much higher. Some doctors speculate that temperatures that high are too much for viruses to tolerate. Remember, only a healthy body can start to fight infection and detoxify – so this is a sign that your immune system has improved. You will feel much better once the fevers are over.

10. I'm experiencing a considerable amount of gas and purging?
This is a temporary symptom and usually disappears after 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the individual user. If you feel like the effect is too pronounced, reduce the frequency of dosage or take on alternate days to allow your body to get used to it.

11. Are there any other ways to reduce this effect?
Taking the tablet together with food generally reduces the purging and bloated feeling.

12. I am pregnant, can I take Di-BTRIM?
No. In some cases, the initial purging users experience might bring on a spontaneous abortion. In general though, pregnant woman are always advised to reduce the intake of medication and herbs to a bare minimum.

13. Can children take Di-BTRIM?
Di-BTRIM is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

14. Can I consume alcohol while using Di-BTRIM?
Its generally not encouraged as the supplement will go to work on the alcohol, reducing its efficacy on the body. However, if you do consume alcohol at the same time, you will have to increase the Di-BTRIM dosage. Di-BTRIM does make a good hangover pill though.

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