" " di-BTRIM: How can di-BTRIM help you overcome period pains?

How can di-BTRIM help you overcome period pains?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Period pains are very similar to another sort of pain most woman endure at least once in their lives, - labour pains. And although period pains in general are much less painful, they can none-the-less still be debilitating. And the fact that they occur once every 28 days or so means that severe period pains can really affect one's quality of life.

For woman who suffer unbearable menstrual pains, finding a way to reduce the pain is vital. Many such woman, especially those who are older and have already had their children, go as far as to have a hysterectomy, an operation to remove the womb.

Before going to such drastic lengths though, you should know that there are various other non-invasive options available. One such option is taking a reputable herbal remedy, the likes of di-BTRIM. This 100% organic capsule consists of powerful ingredients that will not only assist woman in reducing the pain associated with period pains but will also add to their general well-being.

Chinese Thorowax is a traditional herbal remedy used to alleviate symptoms associated with PMS and period pains and is one of the main ingredients in di-BTRIM that helps woman overcome the pain associated with their monthly cycle. Chinese Thorowax is also used as a mild sedative, so woman who normally take painkillers during their cycle might find themselves putting away their bottles of pills. Another ingredient in di-BTRIM known to help woman cope with life is Glycin Max, commonly known as Soy Bean. This humble bean contains the power in it to help reduce menopausal symptoms.

Other remedies to try in conjunction with di-BTRIM is to exercise. Exercise boosts your serotonin levels(your happy hormones if you would like), which drop the week before your period. Increased serotonin levels will reduce the effects of pain in your body.

Boost your calcium and magnesium intake on a daily basis for at least 3 to 4 months. Preferably do this through an adjustment in your diet, otherwise through supplements. Don't stop the diet or supplements once you notice improvements but continue the same regimen.

Another way to reduce the effects of period pain is to gently rub your stomach, which promotes blood flow to the tired muscles, thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients, and taking away the acidic byproducts produced by tired muscles.

It is worth noting here that severe period pains are rarely a sign of disease, especially in younger woman, but if you have tried various remedies over a protracted period of time and still suffer the same degrees of pain, it would be worth your while consulting your doctor, even if just for your peace of mind. Additionally, if you have any sort of unpleasant vaginal discharge or pain during or after sex, it is recommended that you pay your doctor a visit.

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